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Happy TuRkEy Day!!!

Nov. 25, 2013
Hey Mom!
Happy Thanksgiving! It seems like time is just flying by over here. This transfer has just flown by! I will be done being trained here pretty quickly. This week for my training, I am in charge of everything! I make all of the appointments, I do all of the planning, I start every lesson, I end every lesson, I leave the commitments with them... I do it all. Sister Williams and Sister Hall are pretty excited to be able to sit back and do nothing all week long. haha! Too bad I will be putting them to work! :)
I am so sorry to hear about Brady. He had changed so much these last couple years or so for the better. It is so hard to have someone that you know pass away. But it is also so comforting to know that he is in a better place right now and he will be able to live with his family for ever. Tell the Simons family I am sorry for their loss and that I am keeping them in my prayers.
This week was a pretty good week. We had zone conference! It is incredible how strong the spirit is when a group of missionaries come together to learn. We learned how to give super short lessons using the missionary pamphlets and we also learned about how there are NO RANDOM THOUGHTS! If you have a thought about an investigator or someone who you are teaching then you should probably call them or stop by to see how they are doing. Or if you have a thought to go down a certain street then you should probably go down that street. Most of the time you have no clue why you are doing it. But it is so important to follow the promptings that you receive.
We had the opportunity to go and work in the Pennypack South Elder's area to work with some single sisters in the ward. One of the ladies that we stopped by- her name is Elizabeth Kelly- we can't tell if she is just going through a really rough time or if she has some mental issues... I think its a little bit of both. But we stopped by her and she went off about her daughter who she has a baby and how she is always drunk and can't take care of the baby and then she kept on asking us if she addressed things correctly, she wanted our council and advice, which as missionaries, we aren't allowed to give. She is one tough cookie to read though.
Unfortunately, no baptism yesterday... Brenda got sick and has strep so we will be moving her baptismal date to Dec. 7 and then she will be confirmed the next day in sacrament mtg. And Sonny is still coming along. We didn't have another girl with us to teach so we let the elders teach him instead of cancelling the appointment.
It has been such an amazing week! I have been paying so much closer attention to the spirit and the prompting that I receive. I may not always see the direct result of what happens when I follow the spirit, but it is always better to do rather than to regret not doing and regretting it later. It is so great to know that because I have been following those small and simple promptings and that I act on them that Heavenly Father trusts me more and more with those small and simple promptings.
I actually do miss doing the book for basketball Saturday mornings. I am excited for Basketball getting started! Tell Mikaela, Spencer, and Sadie good luck for me!
Thank you so much for the package! It definitely made me smile. My comps got packages the day after I did and we were trying to decide whose mom was the cheesiest. And guess what?! You won with the whole "Orange you glad we love you!" haha I loved it!!! I hope that the package I sent for Spencer and Mikaela got to them for their birthdays :) And I hope they liked them!
I love you so much thank you so much for all that you do for me! I love you!!!!!!
Sister Jess Cox

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