Friday, November 22, 2013

This last week has blown by super fast!!!

Nov. 18, 2013
Hey Mom!
This last week has blown by super fast!!! It's crazy! We got a new bishopric yesterday. Our old Bishop (Bishop L'heureux -sounds like Ler-rew) got called to the stake presidency. our new bishop is Bishop Ackerman and he is going to do so good! he reminds me so much of Brother Russell. He is super tall and has such a fun sense of humor. He is going to do great things for the ward!
So funny story about church yesterday... I was leading the music and at the end of the 3rd verse I turned around and started going back to my seat... there was another verse... so I turned back around and continues to lead the music. All of the Elders and my lovely comps just busted out laughing... They told me it was a comical relief that they all needed... :)
We had a teaching appointment last night with a lady named Trudy. A member of the ward invited us over to give her the first discussion. we were actually super nervous because the member that invited us over has that whole serious uptight thing going on... but once we stepped into his home there was a completely different feeling, he was warm and welcoming and it just made the lesson go that much better. Trudy has lots of questions about the church and we are excited to be able to teach her more! She committed to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it! Yay!!!
Within 20 minutes of the end of that lesson we got an additional 3 new investigators! All it took was a simple phone call to a part member family to see if we could come and teach them! 4 NEW INVESTIGATORS IN ONE NIGHT!!! It was so fun!
I think that my most favorite part of being a missionary is working with the people. Whether it be the ward members or investigators. Right now I am building relationships that will last me for ever! And all of this happens in the shortest periods of time! But even just to see them grow is amazing. Even the members who do have this strong testimony of the gospel, to see that they can feel the spirit and that they are learning and growing closer to the Savior makes me feel so happy because that means that I am fulfilling my purpose as a missionary.
Sister Williams is doing great. she has to call the doctor here soon to find out what exactly is going on, but the work is still going forward! She continues to work hard everyday. Sister Hall is doing great too!
You didn't tell me that dad was going to help the governor pardon the turkey! that is so cool! take lots of pictures for me! My companions think that I am so crazy for being raised on a turkey farm. they don't like the idea of having turkey all year round... but I love it! We actually got a turkey dinner this last week and I felt right at home!
Did spencer get his Birthday card? I will have his and mikaela's birthday presents sent out probably tomorrow... I hope that they like them.
That is so lame that they are starting the black Friday sales on thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a day that we show our gratitude for the things that we have, not for being greedy and looking to buy things. We live in such a commercial world, its not even funny how people put things that have zero value before things like spending time with their family on thanksgiving.
Anyways, things have been going great. I haven't gotten sick yet... but they say that 1 in every 3 people get sick from the flu shot... there are 3 of us. I just hope it all goes well when we go and get those done this week.
Anyways, things are going great, we are having our zone conference this Thursday and will probably start our training for our ipad minis I can't wait until December so that we can use them in our teaching appointments!!!
I love you lots!!!
Sista Jess Cox
we all got matching shoes last week at H&M! it was sweet and we saw herby driving on Roosevelt!

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