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Jehovah's Witness...

Dec. 16, 2013
Hey Everybody!
So, sad news on my end... but our ipads were having some problems with the installation and we will have to wait until the beginning of January to get them... So we will be skyping (or facetiming... I don't really know yet) at the Relief Society President's house. She is the one who is related to the Bloods that live in Sterling :)
Sister Williams is now in New Jersey back where she started in Woodstown. As far as I know, she is doing really well. She says that she loves it, but it's not Pennypack. But, Sister hall and I are having a lot of fun together. It took us a good 24 hours to realize that there was only two of us, but we finally got it down to a science :) The transition from 3 down to 2 actually went a lot smoother than I thought it would... but I guess that we are supposed to be in twos for a reason :)
We have our Christmas Zone conference this week and that is when I will be getting my Christmas packages :) I'm excited! We are going to watch a Christmas movie, have a talent show, and the spirit is going to be there big time with all of the missionaries gathered together! I'm not sure who's gift is that I didn't label... you will have to let me know which ones are labeled...
So, we got to stop by Brenda on Saturday... We haven't been able to meet with her for a while and it has been hard to make an appointment with her this time of year when everything suddenly gets crazy. We were happy to be able to see her for a little while... but her Jehovah's Witness friend was there too... There wasn't any bible bashing or any of that. Her friend just decided that she wanted to tell us why they don't celebrate Christmas... Which honestly, it is a really dumb reason. Apparently Nimrod (or something like that), who was a very evil guy, his birthday is on December 25th and so when we celebrate Christmas, we are celebrating his birthday. We politely explained that the date has no importance and that it is all the spirit and coming close to Christ. But she thinks that we are evil... But Brenda is a big girl- she does still have issues with the holiday thing, so she wont be celebrating Christmas with us. In fact, she wants us to come back after the holiday season... until then we will be having the ward contact her and we will contact her and make sure that everything is going well. So, obviously that means no baptism this month... we get to push back her baptism date again. I am just glad that Brenda defends the church even when her friends are rough. Be sure to keep her in your prayers.
We are getting a Christmas tree today!!!! I am so excited! A member in the ward got one and realized that they don't need it, so they are giving it to us and the best part is that it's REAL!!! YAY!
I love you all so much and will be sending off my Christmas cards hopefully today! :)
Merry Christmas!!!
Sista Jess Cox

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