Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Work is Moving Forward!

MOM (& Dad & Family),
Everything is going great out here! I can't believe that I have already been gone for a month! AHHH! It's going way too fast!!! By the end of this transfer I will have been out for 2 months!
This week has been awesome! I got to teach 2 more lessons this week. One to a guy in his late 20s (who is completely obsessed with his job), his name is Sonny. We had a member present with that one and I don't think that she completely understood what she was supposed to be doing... Our plan was to teach him about the Plan of Salvation but the member kind of took off on a random tangent about callings and service and to make things even better, Sonny went off on his own tangent about work. It was a mess, but we are meeting with him again hopefully this week and we will have a different member present.
I also got to teach another lesson to an older black lady probably in her late 50s. Her name is Brinda and she is the sweetest lady ever! And guess what? She's getting baptized! I extended the invitation to be baptized and she accepted! We set the date at Oct13, but we will have to change the date so that she can make it to church once (conference doesn't count) before she gets baptized. But I am SOOO EXCITED! My first Baptism! YAY!
So apparently there is this big thing going on about sisters being allowed to go into the conference center for the priesthood session... We went to a members home for dinner and we got on the subject of the priesthood and the ladies that were there have some really strong oppinions about the matter. One of them said that the church is so feminist and before the long the church is going to have to let sisters have the priesthood, or at least have that available for them. Us sisters really had to defend the church and our standards. I just wanted to say, the only reason that you see the world changing (priesthood for women in catholic church) is because we don't change our doctrine. We may change some standards (such as missionary age) but not our doctrine. I am perfectly fine not holding the priesthood! If you think about it, if women had the priesthood then we wouldn't need a man. We would be able to take care of things all on our own. It was just ridiculous hearing about all of this.
I got to go to the general relief society meeting this week. I love it! I loved how the topic seemed to roll around keeping our covenants. As a missionary, yeah I keep my covenants, but it really helped to understand how I can help others and what I can do to help them keep their covenants.
I am so excited for conference! We will be meeting at the church and will watch conference there. I don't think that they broadcast it on TV out here, so the only way to watch it is through the internet or at the church. So, I will let you know how that goes. I guess that the ward is bringing food for us to eat during conference too. yay! I'm just not excited to sit on those benches for long periods of time...
It sounds like everything is going great for you back home! I love hearing how everyone is doing! 
I've attached a couple of pictures. I hope that they get to you! Oh and just so you know we drive on the most dangerous road in the country everyday! haha! Philly drivers are crazy, but we are always safe and follow the rules :) Although we did J-walk a lot yesterday...
I love you so much! And I hope to get a few letters soon? Maybe that's just wishful thinking though.
But I will talk to you soon!
Sister Jess Cox

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