Tuesday, October 8, 2013


*Letter written at MTC on Sept. 11, 2013
Dear Family,
I LOVE YOU!  I think I already told you thanks for the package....but Thanks again!  You saved the day!  All of us sisters really have been enjoying it.  Thanks for the jacket!  I remember looking at that at Sam's!  haha!  Just as a little FYI if you want to send me another letter in the mail, I wouldn't send it after Friday.  But Dear elder should be fine through Sunday(maybe Monday morning).
   That is soo funny what happened to Grandpa!  Haha!  Tell him way to go for me!  I did write a letter to them, but I don't think grandma would like it if I told grandpa way to go in that letter.
   You will have to let me know when Dylan gets his call!  I'm excited to hear where he is going!
   So the exact info on my travel is:
Sept. 17, 2013
2:30 am:  Report to the MTC Travel Office
Calling time
6:00 am:  Fly out from SLC airport
9:38 am:  Arrive at Minneapolis, MN
More calling time?
10:45 am:  Fly out from Minneapolis, MN
2:18 pm:  Arrive at Philadelphia, PA
   I really hope you don't mind if I end up calling super early in the morning.  I will try not to call earlier than 4:30... but I won't make any promises.
   I got all my laundrey, emails/letters, & cleaned my room today.  While cleaning our room, Sister Manson was vacuuming & the vacuum exploded all over my bed!  We got it all cleaned up, but it was really funny!
   Anyways, I love you all lots & I hope to hear from you soon!
Love always,
Sister Cox
P.S.  Tell Spencer,Mikaela, & Dad that I haven't heard from the yet & I really want to:)

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