Friday, November 22, 2013

Another week in the City of Brotherly Love

Nov. 11, 2013
Things here have been going pretty good. We got a new investigator. Her name is Myrna. She lives like 2 blocks away from our apartment. She is an older lady who lives alone and doesn't have a car. We were actually trying to find one of the less-actives in the ward and when we saw that they weren't home, we decided that we would knock on some of their neighbor's doors. That's when we found Myrna. I swear we stood out on her doorstep for 45 min. just talking to her, and it was a little chilly too. Finally we convinced her that we are good people and so she let us in and we now have an appointment with her tomorrow. I don't know how this is going to turn out... but I sure do hope for the best.
The tripanionship is great. I am so lucky to have them. This last week, for one reason or another I got a little discouraged, but they were right there to help me through and to lift my spirit. I am so grateful or them and for their examples. There is definitely a reason that we are still in a trio. Right now I don't know for sure who is staying and who is leaving. We think that Sis. Williams is going to stay until they figure out for sure what is going on with her stomach problems (Speaking of which, we get to go to the doctor's on Wednesday to get an ultrasound!) Hopefully all goes well! 
I got Sadie's letter! I got a letter from grandma Maylett on the same day! And they came at the most perfect time. Be sure to tell them thank you for me! Oh and tell spencer happy birthday! I will for sure send him a card this week, but I might wait to send his present with Mikaela's... But it will be his MAGIC BIRTHDAY! So make sure he has a really good time :) Good luck to the football team!!! I think that is what happened my freshman or sophomore year? But I can't remember... Tell Mikaela and Spencer good luck with try-outs for me! I have such talented siblings! Keep up the great work there.
Now, for the Ipads and Iphones. We will get them by the end of the transfer in December, we will have a training on them and what is expected. There is a lot o trust with our missionaries. We will have access to the internet all the time, and we have access to the internet anyways because we come to the library everyday for facebook... It is goin to be such a great tool in missionary work! You really have no clue how much easier this will make things for us. Right now we have an hour of facebook a day, but there has been a rumor going around that we will have even more time to use the internet per day with the new resources that we will be able to use. But there really is a lot of trust in this mission. We have been told over and over, even by general authorities that our mission is one of the highest ranked mission out there. It is so important for us to keep that trust. I know I don't want to loose their trust.
Can I just say how much I love writing in my journal? I took it so much for granted at home! I wish I would have written in my journal at home like I do here. If I ever do have a bad day, it is so easy to write down my thoughts and get it out o my system, it also allows me to be able to look back and to see what was going on earlier and even just to see the kind of progress that I have been able to make while here on my mission. I would encourage you to write in your journal daily! Even if it's just a line. It makes the world  a difference! I guess that is your challenge for the week! Make I a goal!
Thank you so much for all that you d or me! I think I often take for granted the kind o lie that I was given at home and now being away I see how much it has truly influenced my life! Jus like Nephi, I have been born of goodly parents and like the stripling warriors I know these things because my mother knows it. I love you so much!
Sister Jess Cox

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