Sunday, November 3, 2013

P-day on Tuesday:)!

Email sent on Tues. Oct. 15, 2013
Its so weird having P-day on Tuesday! I feel all messed up! I'm so glad to hear that everyone is doing well!
This week has been a really busy week. Last Tuesday was golden (we are called golden's not greenies) re-training so we went farther North to a small town I can't remember if its called Hometown or Hazleton... but we went there and the scenery was gorgeous! Its so different from the scenery! they are actually starting to get some colors out in the country... but the city is still pretty green.
Wednesday we got the car inspected and we weren't even in our area so we couldn't go proselyting... we went to starbucks and got hot chocolate instead. And then we went and met up with the other Elders in our ward and we updated the ward list.
Thursday we went to Morrisville for district mtg. At district mtg we are supposed to do role plays, but we go and do what we call live-action role-plays. They split us off into different companionships and I went with Sister Palmer... She is so quiet... so it was pretty much me doing all the work. Then we had district lunch at ihop. it was pretty fun. The rest of the day was a little more difficult... Elder Allgaeir went home. I don't know why he went home none of us even saw it coming. We just had gotten a test from him saying "I've got some things to take care of. You sisters are awesome!" Whatever it is, I am actually really glad that he had the courage to go home. Things on this end of missionaries going home are so much different, I am honestly glad that he is getting things taken care of rather than working unworthily in the field.
Friday we met with Sonny and we got a different member to come with us and it went so much better!!! He didn't commit to baptism, but he did say that when he came to know that it was true that he would be baptized. So there is hope! We also got a new investigator this week! her name in Brenda Ladd. She just moved here and is looking for a church and her friend who lives in Florida recommended that she joins are church. I have a really good feeling about her :) She wants to join a church that is service oriented, so we told her that is us! That is our religion! That same day we stopped by some investigators house. Their names are Mike and Connie. They are the sweetest old people ever! I don't know why they aren't baptized! Their house is crazy! she has little figurines everywhere!!! Maybe the next time I go over I can get a picture and show you it was crazy!
Saturday was pretty good... except sister Williams has stomach issues and was a little grumpy. She's had these issues for a while and the doctor has her on a dairy free diet right now and then on Saturday she will go on a Gluten and Wheat free diet... but we already know that neither of those things are what's wrong with her. I guess we will just listen to the doctor...
Sunday I spoke in church. It was a super easy topic, I had to speak on missionary work & a little bit about my decision to serve a mission. that was fun. Then we went to dinner at the Menezes home (We have a dinner just about every night.) they are such a cute family! They invited us over for Thanksgiving! haha! I think it's funny that they scheduled that with us so far in advance. I'm super excited though! It's going to be great!
Yesterday was just a normal day... just not normal for Monday. We went and did some stop by's and almost got a new investigator. They aren't considered a new investigator until they schedule an appointment for us to come back and meet with them. This lady was trying so hard to remember her schedule, but asked that we call her later to figure it out. so almost, but not quite.
Today we are going to carve some pumpkins! I'm so excited! We are making pie too! I'm looking forward to my new coat and boots! yay!
Dad have fun in Alabama! If you see Sister Sami Ross there tell her I say hello ;) haha!
I love and miss you all so much! I hope you've been getting my letters!
Lots of Love from Philly!!!
Sister Jess Cox
My scripture is in D&C The one that I had Kenny and Kori put on my pictures about service... its something along the lines of I called you servants for the world's sake... I can't remember the reference off the top of my head 

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