Sunday, November 3, 2013

This week has been great!

Oct. 21, 2013
Hey MOM & family!!
This week has been great! You know that investigator that I told you we had met last week? Her name is Brenda Ladd. She is such a cute lady! We got a voice mail from her telling us that she had gone to the church on Sunday, but then she got too scared to come in! So she sat in the parking lot and watched others go in and then ended up just going home. We met with her again on Saturday and she has committed to baptism!!! The date that we set is for November 24! Yay!!!! And she even made it to church yesterday! She keeps on telling me how much she has learned in so short of a time! She has been reading the Book of Mormon and she LOVES it! SHE IS GOLDEN!!! I'm so excited! When we went and met with her on Saturday she called us her little angels!
Church yesterday was really interesting. There was a ton of people there! The chapel was almost full (not full enough to open the curtain, but still pretty full). In Sunday School, one of the Elder's investigators came... he is a blind guy and so he get a lot of his information by listening to these weird radio stations... He spoke up a lot during class about how Obama is the Anti-Christ and all of this crazy stuff... it was a little weird, I would say that it was the most interesting Sunday school class I have ever been in, especially since I was sitting by Brenda telling her that what he is saying isn't true... It was fun?
We are going to Center Philly today for P-day! I am so excited! We will be going to Love park, run up the Rocky stairs, visit the Comcast center, independence hall, and whatever else we can hit! I am super excited!
We went and helped with the activity day girls stake activity and we talked about deep beauty to them. It was super fun! We had them make those little books, like the one that Sadie had sent me a while ago, and we had everyone in each of the groups write something about that person that makes them beautiful in their books. It was fun! And thanks Sadie for the great idea ;)
Dad! Way to go!!! That lady sounds like she was crazy! But it sounds like you definitely planted a seed there! And if you didn't plant a seed in her heart, then you definitely made a difference in someone's life on that plane!
It sounds like there has been some super fun stuff going on at home! Its so fun hearing how everyone is doing! Oh and thanks for the letters! they were so cute! I told my companions that you don't like lined paper for letters and they just had to laugh. They do say that it is cute though :) Sister Williams is doing ok. We are going to have to go to the doctors for some tests here soon... but we hope that everything will be figured out here shortly.
As for Christmas... I might have to think about it a little more... but I would like a curling iron. I'm not a huge fan of curling my hair with a straightener all the time, so that would be fun. I will have to let you know if I think of anything else.
We went on exchanges this week with the sister trainers. I went with Sister Meeks who is Jason and Sheryl's niece! You will have to tell them that I like her a lot and that we had a good conversation about how much we love the Vernon family :) Sister Meeks is such a sweetie! We had a great day together!
So we have a ward Halloween party and I am going as Sister Williams! We got a wig and everything! haha! it's going to be great! And then the elders want to do a costume party next P-day! it's going to be great!
But everything is going great here! I'm just loving the life of a missionary!
Sister Jess Cox

The one picture of just me is what I look like today! haha!
Then there is one with me and some of the activity girls
Then there is one with me and the 2 Elder Larson's (the one sitting by me is a visa waiter in his brother's mission! and then the other one is one of the assistants to the Pres and will be leaving for home next week!)

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