Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"I'm Going to Miss Her!"

So yesterday, my little sister, Mikaela, went to get a tooth pulled (just to find that there wasn't another one for them to bring down...) and she was on drugs... I don't know if Mormons should be on drugs, she didn't swear or anything like that, she was just so sad, but so funny to listen to! My mom recorded her on the way home and she was so cute. Normally she isn't super emotional like that, so it was really funny to see her like that. One conversation that Mikaela and my mom had was about me...
Mom- Do you remember what we did yesterday?
Mik- What did we do?
Mom- remember it was Jessica's farewell?
Mik- Oh yeah
Mom- remember she's going on a mission?
Mik- when does she leave?
Mom- she leaves next week, next Wednesday to the MTC.
Mik- I'm going to miss her!! (she starts crying even harder)
Mom- I know we'll miss her wont we?
Mik- Yeah
Mom- Do you remember where she is going?
Mik- she's going on a mission
Mom- and where?
Mik- to... I don't know
Mom- to Pennsylvania... to Philadelphia.
Mik- Oh...
Mom- Do you remember that?
Mik- yeah
Mom- She'll be a good missionary huh?
Mik- yeah
I would just put the video of her on here, but she doesn't want me to post it...anywhere...
I love that I know that Mikaela is going to miss me, it really makes me feel loved, and I'm going to miss Mikaela and the rest of my family a lot when I'm gone. It is always nice to know that I will be coming back in 18 months. I hope to get lots of letters from her and the rest of my family.

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